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About us.

Since 2012, we represent a Family Wine Venture rooted in Mendoza, under the guidance of Educardo Olivera Scotti, winemarker, and his wife.

Eduardo's permanent training, labor experience and work at several Argentinean wineries, in the enological, production, trading and marketing areas, in addition to his direct contact with the vineyards, have encouraged Familia Scotti to seek from the vineyards its maximum quality, which is reflected in the final products.

Our philosophy is to elaborate limited batches of wines of the highest enological quality. 

Following this concept, we make the commitment to achieve, year after year, authentic wines with its own style, owners of a distinctive personality, which helps trace its origin.

This enthusiastic venture enjoys each and every stage of the process, pleasing the senses and recalling us that the process is as significant as the product.

Our three values, passion, sacrifice and dedication travel in time and arrive at my homeland to bring you authentic wines, elaborated following a strict process, both technically and traditionally, from the vineyard throughout the production process. Such follow up guarantees that we use exclusive batches that highlight all the enological potential of our grapes.

Logo Scotti Wines

Rioja 111 Planta Baja. Cuidad. Mendoza.

+54 261 6 221606 |



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